uPPP.v0.6.Retail Patch Creater by UFO-pu55y

A great and beautiful patch generater ,click here to download this software.Via this generater u can create wonderful patchs,just like the files created by dup2.Click here to view the patch created by it. smile

-new: 'Win64'  option  for  all   patch   types   (disables    Wow64
redirections on 64 bit systems) to allow  proper  patching  of
x64 targets
-new: grouping   of   patch   entries    via     try-next-on-failure
functionality.. some examples:
a) multiple (future) versions of a target:
add multiple search and replace  patterns.  as  soon  as  1
pattern hits, the rest of the group gets skipped.
B) multiple bit versions of a target:
one registry patch for the x64 version of a target, and one
for the x86 version. the  correct  one  gets  automatically
-new: randomized encryption of patch data (in resources)
-new: support reg file version 5.00
-new: 'vista-awareness'   via   manifest   (requestedExecutionLevel:
-new: chiptune players bassmod, titchysid, V2M (v1.5!):
.xm, .mod, .it, .s3m, .mtm, .umx, .sid, .v2m, .fc
NOTE: as the v2m player comes as v1.5, use  "conv2m.exe"  from
farbrausch to convert old tunes into the new format
-new: change  scroller  behavior  at  runtime  via   control   chars
(speedup, pause, resume,...)
-new: additional scroller  text  editor  (load/save  text,  open  in
-new: variables %APP% and %DATE% in scroller text get replaced  with
application name and release date
-new: 3 custom skins for uPPP GUI (choose in options dialog)
-new: SkinHelper updated with new chiptune players and from  now  on
shipped together with main package
-new: included some  out-of-the-box-****:  1  neutral  patcher  skin
(Blue Skull) and 1 packer (Upack)
-new: open current template in  SkinHelper  via  double  click  with
right mouse button on preview window
-new: whole package is more portable now (sub paths of settings  are
kept relative in INI file)
-new: Messagebox "The target is running ! Close it, then hit OK."
-new: button for faster checking of s+r pattern occurrencies
-new: Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete contextmenu in pattern boxes
-new: Context>Paste in pattern boxes allows multiline patterns (like
given from Olly)
-fix: filedrop only changed fileattributes of  existing  files  when
using confirmation dialog
-fix: dropped and executed files returning bad exit code means patch
-fix: after creating patch.exe and pressing "Execute", execute it
with directory of last used target as working directory
-fix: don't  overwrite   already   existing   backup   files   (when
-fix: reloading project with reg patch  followed  by  other  patches
caused exceptions
-fix: loosing custom drop path when reopening file drop entry
-fix: patching failed, when  s+r/userinput  patch  was  followed  by
other s+r patches
-fix: exceptions when changing template
-fix: keep space chars in front of scroll text  on  shutdown/restart
(for delayed scrollers)

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