Get Windows 7 Hotfix Infos From Registry

On windows xp ,we can get the hotfix infos form HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,(“SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\HotFix”),but on windows 7 there is no that key. however we can get the hotfix  infos from here”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages\”.Click here to down load the source code(not well written).lol

Source code here:

void CWindows7HotFixInfoDlg::OnBnClickedOk()
	// TODO: 在此添加控件通知处理程序代码
	TCHAR    achKey[MAX_KEY_LENGTH];   // buffer for subkey name
	DWORD    cbName;                   // size of name string 
	TCHAR    achClass[MAX_PATH] = TEXT("");  // buffer for class name 
	DWORD    cchClassName = MAX_PATH;  // size of class string 
	DWORD    cSubKeys=0;               // number of subkeys 
	DWORD    cbMaxSubKey;              // longest subkey size 
	DWORD    cchMaxClass;              // longest class string 
	DWORD    cValues;              // number of values for key 
	DWORD    cchMaxValue;          // longest value name 
	DWORD    cbMaxValueData;       // longest value data 
	DWORD    cbSecurityDescriptor; // size of security descriptor 
	FILETIME ftLastWriteTime;      // last write time 
	HKEY hKey;
	DWORD i, retCode; 
	DWORD HotfixNumber = 0;
	HotFix pFix;
		_T("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Component Based Servicing\\Packages"),
	// Get the class name and the value count. 
	retCode = RegQueryInfoKey(
		hKey,                    // key handle 
		achClass,                // buffer for class name 
		&cchClassName,           // size of class string 
		NULL,                    // reserved 
		&cSubKeys,               // number of subkeys 
		&cbMaxSubKey,            // longest subkey size 
		&cchMaxClass,            // longest class string 
		&cValues,                // number of values for this key 
		&cchMaxValue,            // longest value name 
		&cbMaxValueData,         // longest value data 
		&cbSecurityDescriptor,   // security descriptor 
		&ftLastWriteTime);       // last write time 

	// Enumerate the subkeys, until RegEnumKeyEx fails.
	if (cSubKeys)

		for (i=0; i


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