Tom Dowdy (Found in iTunes)

I have noticed that in the iTunes process memory ,there have being a person who named Tom.Today I saw his name agin ,and Googled this person ,here is all about him.

Tom is 40 years old.
Tom was raised in Morgantown, West Virginia.
Tom went to college at the University of Notre Dame.
Tom is six feet and two inches tall.
Tom works too much.
Tom listens to music most people don’t like.
Tom has worked at Apple Computer, Inc. for seventeen years.
Tom has worked on QuickTime in the past.
Tom works on iTunes currently.
Tom wrote DarkSide of the Macintosh, a screen saver that does not patch any traps.
Tom enjoys semi-professional cooking.
Tom drives a silly car.
Tom sometimes drives a different silly car.
Tom has one younger brother.
Tom has two excellent parents.

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